Enabling Economies for the Future.
Come learn about the future of Innovation Economies.
2015 Strategic Innovation Summit
September 26-27, 2015
Harvard University, Cambridge MA

About the Summit

In a global world, simply providing the basic necessities, including education, infrastructure and resources is not enough. To lead in the next generation, cities need to enable - and drive – innovation in their communities that will provide creative solutions to urban problems that improve the quality of life and economic opportunities of their citizens. 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit: Enabling Economies for the Future asks – what makes cities future ready? What is needed and what must leaders measure, track and change to enable their cities to be innovation leaders in the future?

To help leaders put in place the strategies and programs to enable their cities to be innovation leaders the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard with support from Dell, are convening senior public and private sector executives for The 2015 Enabling Innovation Economies for the Future Summit. This Summit, held at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA will provide an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and network with the world’s leading city innovators, Harvard faculty and researchers, and select executives from the technology and start-up community.

The summit will explore the critical needs to drive innovation in your community. We will take a deep dive into questions concerning infrastructure, education, community involvement and economic programs. We will focus our learning, discussion and best practice exchange around identifying what are the key enablers to grow an innovation economy:

Most importantly, the Summit will address the critical leadership attributes required to choose a mix of collaborative strategies, governance models and technologies that will help you make your community ready for the future.

During the Summit you will engage in informative case studies, peer-to-peer problem-solving sessions, and topical workshops designed to help you evaluate your current state and develop a plan to make your community an innovation leader for the future:

This Summit is an invitation-only program for senior-most executives in the public sector, technology and start-up community and higher education. Other applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis. As attendance is limited, we encourage you to apply soon. This event is complimentary and there is no tuition fee to attend. However, travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of individual participants. *

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The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard

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*Attendee Agreement There is no tuition charge or fee to attend this Summit. However, attendees will be responsible for their own transportation, lodging and other related personal expenses. The conveners of this event understand that the laws of many jurisdictions restrict private parties, private sector partners and/or government contractors from providing gifts or other things of value to government officials, and in some cases require reporting of such gifts. Likewise, some government officials are restricted from accepting gifts or other things of value in many jurisdictions. Although no admission is being charged to any attendee, if required by law, regulation, policy, or otherwise, attendees may reimburse the host for costs related to their attendance. In such case, the per-person price of this conference is approximately US$1,650. This includes meals (valued at US$300), materials, speakers, conference facilities, security and logistical support. In addition, the regulations of certain jurisdictions allowing for the attendance and participation of government officials and employees at events with a legitimate public purpose and benefit for the government agency, subject to the approval of the appropriate agency head, at "widely attended" events, and at educational events, may be relevant to this event. Please check with your ethics counsel to verify that you are permitted to attend this event and to determine whether any reporting of attendance and/or reimbursement of costs will be required. By accepting this invitation, you certify that you (1) understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that attending this conference is permitted by any applicable ethics laws, regulations, or policies that may impose limitations on your ability to accept gifts or hospitality, (2) have consulted with your applicable ethics officer or attorney to confirm your understanding of these ethics law, regulations or policies, and (3) have confirmed that your attendance at this event is in full conformity with all applicable ethics laws, regulations or policies.

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The 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit Agenda

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Nigel Jacob
Co-Chair, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics, Boston, MA

Adel Ebeid
Chief Innovation Officer, City of Philadelphia

Brooks Rainwater
Center Director, City Solutions and Applied Research National League of Cities

Richard Culatta
Senior Advisor to the Secretary, United States Department of Education

Michael Curri
President Strategic Networks Group, Inc.

Daniel Isenberg
Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors

Glenn Wintrich

Jim Stikeleather

Brian Donnellan
Innovation Value Institute

Anthony Tivnan
Magellan Jets

Shawna Slack
Genesis Advisers

Sara Hand
Spark Growth

Jim Diffley
IHS Economics

David Ager
Harvard Business School

Victor Seidel
Harvard University

Jim Diffley
IHS Economics

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